CorelDraw 2018 SLOW SLOW SLOW!!!

I found what is creating the problem. As usual it's related with the thumbnails and links.

The problem is created by the Welcome Screen. Whenever you find a linked file on the Welcome screen that is not displaying the thumbnail, it's the file that is creating the problem.

The file gets corrupted by CorelDraw 2018. Why??? I don't know yet, anyway the way to solve it is close CorelDraw 2018 and then open File Explorer, go to the file that is creating the problem and delete it. Re-open CorelDraw 2018 and before you do anything, verify that the file is not on the list anymore. If it’s on the list close CorelDraw, restart your computer and then re-open CorelDraw to verify that it’s gone. Once that happens, the program removes all the links and it will work as normal again.

  • hello . . . . just to comment . . . .i decide to go back and use COREL DRAW 11.0 . . . . and i am using less than 300 fonts. . . .because all this kind of troubles you are describing . . . i did not found any solution to any COREL DRAW newest version from X7