Opening a pic or attachment wil open a new copy or Corel Draw

I have 2 questions.

1. When I open my corel draw programme, i get a pop up window saying: Please reconnect the device that has the file location, or choose a new folder etc etc. How do i sort this out?

2. Each time i want to open an attachment from email or a new pic, it will open a new copy of Corel draw. I have just moved from Corel 16 and did not have any of these issues, thanks in advanve.

  • Terry, did you ever get an answer to this problem? I've just recently installed on my iMac and I get the same pop-up. I've contacted tech support but nobody has a solution except to create a new user on my iMac and install Corel apps under that user. I did and it worked without the pop-up. However, I went back to my main sign-in admin user name and still get the pop-up. I opened another ticket a few days ago and awaiting an answer.

  • i have same issue, u have answer for this problem? i need the answer please