Help with PDF export (with bitmaps)

Dear everyone:

I have a small problem with PDF EXPORT.

I export a Draw file with severel imported vecters and jpg's from a PDF file, and when i export them to a pdf, the Bitmaps are not so clear.

(in CorelDRAW the images are Clear)

In 2 words: When I'm opening a PDF with in corel and export it as PDF immediatly, the bitmaps of the PDF is not clear.

So, i want to know if there is some setting that i'm not aware of?


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  • Hi Pointer,

    There are MANY different settings to be aware of when exporting to a PDF.

    There are default presets you can choose and also you can customize your settings in the many different tabs available in the dialog box.

    Be sure to choose the right options before exporting. The PDF settings might change every object properties if you don't choose wisely.

    Do you need your objects to be converted to RGB or CMYK, you can downsample to lower resolutions than your original CDR file as well (I'm pretty sure this is YOUR issue).

    There are so many different settings. I'd suggest you to wander around through the dialog box, through all the tabs, carefully looking at all the options available and do some trial and error experiences to help you understand this incredible tool.

    Have fun,

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