Corel Draw 2018 very prone to crashing

Greetings all,

I recently upgraded to CDGS 2018 from X6.  Although I like many of the features and upgrades, I am very disappointed in the stability of Corel Draw 2018.  I find that it crashes almost every session in a seemingly random fashion, and I have not been able to determine a pattern yet.  The instability is so bad that I often just use X6 to get through a job rather than deal with the hassles of repeated crashes in 2018.  By comparison, X6 crashes occasionally, but in somewhat predictable ways (usually very large files, lots of complicated fills, etc).

I am running Windows 7/64 with 8 gb of ram, SSD primary drive, and everything is fully updated.  I have no serious stability issues with any other application on this system.

I welcome any thoughts or suggestions from other users who have found solutions to this irritating problem.

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