Inaccurate node snapping workarounds

Long time CorelDRAW user here, first time posting, hi!

I am struggling with node snapping at full zoom. This seems to produce quite inaccurate results, something I have found out to already been discussed around these forums, not for node snapping though; seems to me as if this is something that might never truly get fixed, correct me if I am wrong. So I am looking for workarounds, tricks, ideas on how to minimize the damage these inaccuracies cause.

We are in a 300 dpi CMYK document (could be 600 dpi just as well, my testing gets me the same results), sized for a B1 poster (707 x 1000 mm) at full 240471% zoom. Snap to objects is on and working. The four blue objects you see below are squares that I have turned into curves and moved their nodes around.

I will be moving the three selected nodes (individually of course) to the corner node of the shape that is bottom right as to get them in the same place. (I promise the nodes are already joined properly on their other ends, not visible in these screenshots.)

Sadly the best result I can get is far from ideal, as can be seen above. All four nodes should be in the same place, but they are clearly not, even though they have been moved around snapping. Instead of one node position there are four plus a bunch of new intersections (caused by nodes not being in the same place).

This comes out nicely most of the time zooming out or exporting for print, but in this case the white line seems to be visible even after exporting.

I have tried to hide this issue with hairlines of the same color, but this seems to cause even more troubles up close.

What I have found out to be working best is carefully moving nodes beyond the other shapes and setting the object layer order so it makes most sense. It is not even close to perfect, but zoomed out and/or exporting gets better results (less white gaps).

My first question would be why is this even happening, but I guess I am beyond that. So, are there any other workarounds, solutions or settings I could try?

I think CorelDRAW is a pretty awesome tool for vectors (I prefer it over AI tbh), but bugs like this one, hmmm ...