CorelDraw 2018 Crashig after paste text

1) Open Corel.

2) Insert the following text:


3) Corel crashes (completely, without any error message).

- If I write the text or insert it gradually, Corel will also crash.

- It happens with some other texts.

- It's plain text (no formatting). The target font is Arial.

- It never happened to me before. I've been using Corel for about 10 years. Version 2018 I have about a year. The problem appeared yesterday.

- My system: Windows 10 1903 64-bit (up to date), CorelDraw 2018

What to do please?

  • I highly recommend that you reach out to the Customer Support Team for direct assistance. They will be able to best help you troubleshoot the issue. Contact options are available from the Support page on

    A few considerations, and possible questions they will ask:

    1. Does this occur only with long strings of text?
    2. What is the keyboard language used, and has default keyboard language recently been changed?
    3. Can you disable 'Perform Automatic Spell Checking' in Text menu, Writing Tools> Settings and see if the issue still occurs?


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