Convert .pat to .fill format

I have about 300 vector patterns from X6 that are .pat format.
I just realized that in Corel Draw 2018 vector patterns are .fill format though and when I go to the vector pattern tab and try to create a link to my pattern folder, it just tells me that there's no content in there. So it no longer seems to recognize the .pat format.
I found out that I can add the .pat files one by one by clicking the "New source from file" button (or whatever it might be called originally - my version is German, so I apologize if I don't translate those things correctly).
But if I do it that way, I also have to save the files one by one and type a file name.
It would take me forever to do that with all my patterns. 
Isn't there a faster way to either convert my .pat files to .fill files or to import them all at once?

And something else - I had another question yesterday, but accidentally posted my question as a "Discussion". Can I change that? 

  • I'm sorry to say Corel f*****d up big time with the new .fill format. I used to have loads of  specialist bitmap fills available to me in previous versions and now they're not, no way to import them en-bloc, and recreating each is too time consuming.  I stopped using bitmap fills. How to mess up a cool feature in one easy lesson. I did strongly suggest to Corel that they write a conversion routine for people like us but , no, they don't care. I get round it by selecting the object  want to apply a bitmap fill to, then dragging the bitmap from an explorer window onto the object.

    The best plan for you would be to create a document in X6 with 300 objects, each with one of the vector patterns. Then open the file in 2018, copy the object to the new file and 'copy fill from'. Hope it works, it doesn't for bitmap fills, so test it first.

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