2018 vs Home and student vs X8

I am using X4 presently...on Win !0 pro. Not entirely ideal. Been thinking about upgrading. But there's so many options now I'm not sure what to look for.

I am by no means an expert with CorelDraw although I have been using it since maybe around version 4. So I have some pretty firm ideas about what I can and need to do.

I want a full featured vector drawing program. I could use a photo editor (PP), but there are other programs out there that do almost all I need. .Maybe the Trace utility. But most of the rest of the Graphic Suite useless...for what I need.

Not to put too fine a point on it, except for the glitches on Win 10, I am content with X4.

I suspect a lot of people would  be happy if Corel just separated out the photo imaging stuff from the drawing stuff--offered CorelDraw by its lonesome...maybe with text functionality, the ability to import bitmaps and an autotrace ability.  

So again I am forced (?) to look at upgrading. But reading the comparisons and reviews on-line I am not sure that the Home and Student version of X8 would meet my needs. Seems like the Vector drawing bit is pretty rudimentary..crippled by comparison

And what does 2018 lack in comparison to X8?...in terms of functionality and what I am used to with X4?.

What are the differences between CorelDraw X8, CorelDraw 2018 and the Home and Student version of X8, for instance...aside from price?

Can someone please shed some light on this?

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  • Ultimately I want a version of CorelDraw (not necessarily Photopaint)  that will do everything CorelDraw X4 does but on Windows 10.

    If I were in that situation right now, I would be looking for "boxed" copies of 2018 that were floating around in retail channels when 2019 was released, and hoping to find one at a decent price as "distressed" merchandise.

    I have seen comments here from another poster about Staples-branded versions being one option for that.

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