Couple of issues with CorelDRAW 2018

Hello, although Im a registered user for many years i've never posted.

Some time ago my company bought 3 licences for Corelsuite2018. We use only Draw actually. There are some things I still don't understand and don't know how to ask, maybe they are silly but I really don't understand the rules or conditions in which those happen. Mainly there are 3 problems.

I thought this was releated to Win10, but only one of our 3 uses it. It also happens on our two Win7.

As we are printing company we have a workflow we follow to obtain certain results for colors, sizes etc. Some proceses have their limitations or factors we have to take in mind while preparing printing files. I mean size can shrink or expand with heat, colors can penetrate some fabrics more giving less density and less vivid hue. While this all have such significant impact on the result we, and many else I belive - saved our pdf files into preset.

Issue 1:

Sometimes, with no visible error or infomration, export pdf button loses loaded preset, and if you won't check before clicking - will save with "editing" option, or "web" option.

This can make no marks, gives no bleed etc. Many times already we saw while printing that blue is printed violet because in "web" options some icc profiles are embedded.

2. Corel doesn't see network drives. As you can see on above picture, I can export to network drive "V:", but funny thing I cannot open any file from it as you can see below, Open window doesn't see network drives. Windows Explorer does. Also I can input "V:" into address bar and hit enter and look ....

Now I can see pdf files, so inputing adress solves the issue but.... WHY!?

3. Last thing is Workspace settings overwriting by cdr files.

I only use mm as my lenght measurement. My whole 7 year experience stands on milimiters From some reason mm can change to cm, document grid and page can we shown or hidden. Outline size can change from mm into points etc..

Why is there a "save as default" option in workspace

Please HELP and share your thoughts :D

  • 3. You have to set all you preferences from the start then save setting as default. If previous files made did not have those settings to begin with they won't have the preferences you want when opened.

    Bugs me all the time when I open files designed by my coworker and they still use mm or points instead of inches.