Macro to alter objects CorelDraw 2018

Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me out.

I am new to CorelDraw and need help to improve my workflow using macros.

Not sure if this has already been solved, but after digging through the forums for 3 weeks I haven´t found anything that is similar to my situation.


To my problem. 

I have many different objects, different in size and shape, all filled with different colors.

For example like this.


My problem is that these tiles are really small, and for cutting these tiles some lines are to near togehter.

I would need a macro which checks all the tiles and detects the tiles which has less distance between the nearest lines than a specific value, I have set.

Most helpful would be when the macro also would be able to change the shape by itself, not only detecting it.

In the red marked areas, the lines are to near togehter


 I would need to change them like this.

The shape of the tiles doesn´t really matter. But the rough layout should be stay the same

This process with nearly 2000 tiles take me ages to finish.

Maybe one of you has a solution.

Thanks for any and all help !

Nice regards