CorelDraw not importing PDF files

My CorelDraw 2020 is not importing PDF files. 

You click import > it opens the explorer interface > you select the file you want to import and that's it. Nothing happens. No error message, no dialogue... nothing. Just the empty page. It's the same thing for all the pdf files I've tried. Including the ones that were previously created in CorelDraw.

What do I do to solve this?


I had a similar challenge with CorelDraw 2018. It would just paste all the pages of the document grouped together on one page. A total mess. That's why I decide to upgrade.

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  • Sounds like something is missing in your installation.
    Try the Repair option from CorelDraw's setup program.

    Regarding the fact that all pages end up stacked on one page, that's how it works.
    If you want them imported as separate pages (which I assume is what most users want), try to Open the PDF in Draw instead of Import.

    And finally, since this is related to Draw 2020 I suggest you post in the 2020 forum instead.

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