Coreldraw X-18

When I create a shape and then select the Interactive Fill Tool I select the Fountain Fill Tool.

After I have done this there used to be a tool for changing the object from a square to a different shape such as a radius. I cannot find this tool and after opening each toolbar from the menu and also open different dockers and object manager I cannot find these tools.

When Content Exchange went away did this tool also go away with it.

I had not used this tool for a while  I simply cannot find it.

Anyone else notice this same problem and how did you fix it.

Thanks for your help Jim

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  • When the Interactive Fill tool is selected, there are four buttons in Property bar that let you choose what kind of fill is applied; Linear, Elliptical, Conical and Rectangular. There is also a dropdown to select different fills.
    These buttons, and the dropdown, can also be found in the Edit Fill dialog (F11).