Increasingly nervous about the use of CorelDraw long term......compatability issues

Still using 2018 for all my work, nothing in the later versions holds any interest to me and the bugs actively put me off, especially as the bugs I logged in 2018 have not been fixed in 2019, 2020 and possibly 2021.

Anyway today I thought the Enhanced view in 2018 had changed, it looked decidedly unenhanced so I thought I'd check to see what the file looked like in X7. I saved the file in 2018, back to version 17 and attempted to open it in X7.

Not a chance, crashes or hangs  Draw every time.

Nothin in the file is exclusive to 2018 , nothing complex only rectangles and bezier curves.

I also saved back to X5 and attempted to open in both X5 and X7. X5 opened it but X7 crashed. Saved the file in X5 and still X7 failed to open it.

I really need to find an alternative application to do drawings in. I have high hopes for Affinity Designer but its nowhere near yet and it seems its being tailored to a userbase who mostly do page layout work or illustrations. Semi-technical drawing is far too difficult, in fact nigh on impossible. However it does beg the question, Serif is not a rich company, where do they find the funds to create this software when they charge £30/$40 for an application?