Why is my text blurry?

I'm creating a wine label and the graphics come out beautifully but the text is blurry.  Is there a setting that can sharpen text?  Are there certain fonts that are better than others at small sizes?


Using Engravers Gothic BT

All font sizes have jagged edges

It gets worse the smaller the font size

I would like to use 12pt but it's almost illegible

I'm exporting to a png for the web

Thanks in advance for any tips!

Other fonts don't seem much better

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  • You're printing them, right? It's probably your printer - either it can't resolve the fine lines or maybe there are some printer settings you can try that might make a difference. Those could include antialias, sharpen, autotrap, enhance thin lines, etc. One little trick I've found is converting the text to curves before printing (just remember not to save it that way). That seems to help a little on my printer to thicken text slightly.

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