How do we set the page or document background to transparent with the checkerboard pattern?

PROBLEM:  Our CorelDraw background is WHITE even when the page background option is set to "No Background" on the Layout menu.  As such, we cannot tell whether an imported bitmap graphic has a transparent or white background in the workspace.

BACKGROUND:  When creating a new PhotoPaint image we have the ability to set the background to "No Background".  This gives us the traditional workspace with a transparent checkerboard background.  As such we can import bitmap elements and immediately see if they have transparent backgrounds or not.  It seems we could select a transparent page background in CorelDraw at some point, but cannot find any settings.  So far, our only work-around is to create a layer covered with black rectangle to use as a background.  With the black background we can see if any of the  imported bitmap objects have transparency or just white background.  The work-around is not optimal since we have to create a new layer, new object, and keep turning the background layer ON/OFF during design work.  Are we missing some CorelDraw document setting that will give us the standard checkerboard transparency background in the workarea?

Thank you for any assistance.

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