Adding CD 2018 to another computer

upgraded to Corel Draw 2018 four years ago. Can I also install it on another computer in my business so I can transfer workable files back and forth. The other computer has X7 Thanks for your help.

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  • yeah, Ive installed on three systems with no issues.
    I have a second working computer in my workshop...and I had (at one time) a third computer being built on the bench in the workshop.

    as long as you have a valid Corel account/key, it should work fine.
    Its no different than re-installing...and I didn't have to remove a previous installation to do it.

    as far as using it on two systems at the same time, I did that too.
    I had 2018CDR running and files opened on two machines at the same time...more than once...?

    Mine is not an upgrade though...its a retail boxed package (I received directly from Corel as part of prize winnings)

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