VBA Can someone explain this for me


Designed to break all subgroups down to a single level, And yet is doesn't work like the immediate commands executed in Draw. let me Explain.

If I have 4 objects and I select them, the above two commands executed in a macro result in a group of 4 objects. As if UngroupAll only works if you sub-groups

If I group 2 of the objects then select all and run the two commands then I have a parent group with 4 objects. The sub-group has been removed. If I then run those commands again the parent group is removed.

If I run those commands repeatedly on 4 discrete objects I end up with multiple levels of groups, the bottom level containing the 4 objects.

I want those two commands (or some other version) to take all objects in the active selection and remove all sub-groups leaving just objects and no parent group.


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