Is it possible to add an object (eg TEXT) to a GROUP without ungrouping

I have several groups that I need to add a new object to. Is it possible to add copies of the object (a TEXT in this case) to each of the groups without having to UNGROUP, add, reGROUP and RENAME each group?

  • Unfortunately or fortunately, you cannot add a figure to a group without ungrouping it before. For this, it is best to use a macro.
    For example, if you need to add a shape (or text) to several selected groups (see the macro below).
    To use the macro correctly. Select an arbitrary number of shapes, then (with Shift) select the shape (text) that you actually need to add and run the macro.

    Sub AddShapeToAllSelectedGroups()
        Dim s As Shape, s1 As Shape, s2 As Shape, SR As ShapeRange, sG As ShapeRange, gName As String

        Set SR = ActiveSelectionRange
        Set s = SR.Shapes.First

        Set SR = ActiveSelectionRange

        For Each s1 In SR
            If s1.Type = cdrGroupShape Then
                gName = s1.Name
                Set sG = s1.UngroupEx
                Set s2 = s.Duplicate
                sG.Add s2
                Set s1 = sG.Group
                s1.Name = gName
            End If
        Next s1
    End Sub

  • Use the Object panel to select the object that you want to copy to the group and drag it onto the group. It automatically becomes part of the group.

    Note that this is only possible via the Object panel.