Will a disk based version be available to purchase?

I purchased 1 Corel 18 licence upgrade today and was asked if I wanted to buy download insurance. Previous experience with download insurance from another vendor, was its a scam usually limited to a year, where as if one bought or made a disk it was good until lost. So I asked if I could make a disk of the download instead and was told that was fine as long as I knew how.

Anyway what is downloaded is only a starter program at 2346 megs, so my concern is this means when Corel quits support I can not re-install 5 or 10 years down the road. I have 4 additional licences of Coreldraw with Corel purchased disks and am thinking maybe I should hold out on the previous editions if they won't provide full installation disks.  Or if buying the upgrades save to Corel 16 so they can be opened when 18 can't be installed any longer.

Do others see this as an issue?

Also for those using Windows Backup, have you had to do a restore and if so did the Corel program restore, or were you limited to Windows and your software files, with a need to re-install Corel program. 

I've previously done cloned workstation backups with Clonezilla.org but would like to be lazy and use Windows 10 if it will restore programs to a working state.



  • When you download the install initially you download and run an installer. When this runs it goes off to Corel and downloads the full installler package. The full suite install takes place using this full package.

    After you're happy that the install has gone according to plan find the install folder and the folder called Setup. Copy this folder to another, safe folder. This is your full installer package. Make sure you back it up. Save your serial number in a text file along with this installer and back it up too.

    If you ever need to reinstall you simply go to the saved Setup folder, open it and double click Setup.exe.

    Bear in mind the 64b and 32b installers are different and both need to be saved if you want to have access to them both later.

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