Stuck at initializing screen during installation

I upgraded to Corel GS 2018 and am installing on a fresh clean version of Windows 10 Pro on my laptop. 2018 just sits at the initializing screen. I went through my purchased history, downloaded the installer for 2017 and it did the same thing. I removed the C++ libraries that were installed and tried both again, neither got past the initialization screen. I went back to the purchase history and downloaded the X8 installer. I worked like a charm, so I at least have X8 installed on my laptop, but I really want to get 2018 installed there. 

I sent in a support ticket, but was hoping that maybe somebody here has seen the same thing. I can't believe that I'm the only person who has run into this issue. There wasn't a thing on the OS, CorelDraw was literally the first application getting installed outside of Firefox. 

Any ideas?

  • Hello, first of all sadly I have no solution, but the same Problem as you.

    I was using Corel X8 but after some updates it stopped working well, so I decided to reinstall it. After removing everything with the Revo Uninstaller tool, I tried to reinstall but every time the installer gets stuck showing initializing setup please wait. I also tried an older version of Corel and even the new Technical Suite 2018 but all of them seem to have the same problem. Therefore, if you get an answer from your ticket or find a solution to this problem I would be very thankful if you could share it.


  • So, I don't have the secret sauce. They had me download the version here: 

    He also had me create a new user account... which didn't help. It didn't hurt to try it though. 

    Ironically for whatever reason, it magically after one of many reboots and retries on my standard account started working and I ended up with a complete install. I don't have any answers for you, but I can say that at a minimum, try downloading the installer from that link, maybe try the new user account (will need admin privileges) and reinstalling. If all else fails, open a ticket with support. They wanted me to download some reporting tool, but just as I was going to do that, things started working. 

  • I had the same thing happen. The install screen is too small to display the buttons to continue. They are there, you just can't see them. Use the "tab" key to navigate around the screen, which will move to show the highlighted button, then use "Enter" to activate that button and continue the installation. Mine has worked fine after that initial problem.

  • lets try to download update win 10 on microsoft catalog "windows kb402272"