Stuck at initializing screen during installation

I upgraded to Corel GS 2018 and am installing on a fresh clean version of Windows 10 Pro on my laptop. 2018 just sits at the initializing screen. I went through my purchased history, downloaded the installer for 2017 and it did the same thing. I removed the C++ libraries that were installed and tried both again, neither got past the initialization screen. I went back to the purchase history and downloaded the X8 installer. I worked like a charm, so I at least have X8 installed on my laptop, but I really want to get 2018 installed there. 

I sent in a support ticket, but was hoping that maybe somebody here has seen the same thing. I can't believe that I'm the only person who has run into this issue. There wasn't a thing on the OS, CorelDraw was literally the first application getting installed outside of Firefox. 

Any ideas?