Hotkey not working in corel capture

How can I fix CorelCapture. It has not worked for me since X4. Maybe not before that.  The hotkey activation does not work, and says that the key is already assigned.  All of the keys have this response. But I have never set the hotkeys on any program and only use Cntl c and V to copy and paste. Can anyone tell me how to get Corel Capture to work? It would be nice to have a corel utility to do this, as I hate downloading random software from the net to fix something, and possibly introduce malware into my system. I run a lot of software, from Adobe to Davinci Resolve.  I have no idea which program is conflicting with which, and it seems to me that the hotkeys are not reserved by any other program. It seems Corel cannot access them.  By the way, this is a Windows 7 pro setup.  Thanks.