Corel Draw 2018 won't open. HELP

My Corel Draw 2018 currently won't open. I discovered this just before the holidays and now I am back trying to figure it out. I subscribe to the constant upgrade program and I believe I remember seeing an upgrade happen around 12/27, the day before I noticed the opening issue. I first noticed on my main PC that the program wouldn't open and then opened my laptop and I it would so I had been working on that for several days. It showed that microsoft updates had occurred and to take effect a restart was necessary. I blocked the restart and continued working in Corel until it restarted on its own overnight last night I can't open the program on either computer (PC-Windows 7 & Laptop Windows 10). It gets hung up on initializing user interface, then a window pops up with notice that Corel is no longer working and they will let me know if they come up with solution. In the mean time, I am trying to get someone from Corel to call me back with some answers or tricks to get me back up and running. Does anyone have info on this issue?

BTW, this happened when I tried to open my CD 17 too

Here is link to youtube video showing the loading issue:

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