Why can i not use Power Clip together with the Bevel effect? "feature request"

Dear everyone!

I am new to Corel Draw, and this is my first post on the Corel Community.

I start to create a Star shape, with a Power Clip of a nice Sea Texture, and then when i want to add a Bevel effect, the program didn't allow me to do that. so i try to flip, and too do first the Bevel and then to doo the Power Clip, but now the program didnt let me to do the Power clip, its poping up a message that i can’t do that to this kind of object.

So, My question is:

Does Corel Draw not allow to do both? or maybe it's a setting or a kind of bug?

Please help me to figger it out. [in other vector programs i fond this kinds of effects to work instantly and properly)


(see images)

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  • Thanks Shark. but No, this is not a good idea. i have now to play with the colours and the the transparency... i need someting instant!

    Sorry, there's not "instant" effect like this.

    On CorelDRAW, you can create the effect using two objects, the star with bevel and the powerclip (a lens on multiply mode could create the eeffect you want). Or you can use PhotoPaint for create this kind of effect. But still, there's not "instant" effect.