The fonts are not being displayed properly with Coreldraw X8

I am using bahnschrift font which is upto my knowledge, properly installed but it is only showing the regular font in the fonts list and not the other versions like the condensed and bold versions. All versions show and work in corelX5 as well as MSWord. My machine has Windows 7.

Your efforts will be very much appreciated.

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  • All versions show and work in corelX5 as well as MSWord. 


    Really appreciated

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  • Same problem , I am using Windows 11

    Is there a solution?

  • I might be a little foggy on MS Windows history and the fonts that came bundled with various releases of Windows. IIRC, Bahnscrift wasn't bundled into Windows as a system typeface until 2017 with Windows 10. Bahnscrift is installed as a single OpenType Variable font file, but has a few different pre-defined variable instances that show up in the Windows Fonts folder.

    CorelDRAW did not start supporting OpenType Variable fonts until the version 2020 release. Prior versions of CorelDRAW may only show the root version of the Bahnscrift typeface if it even shows up at all in the font menu.