Why are my PMS CMYK Breakdowns different to my PMS book?

The colour seperations in CMYK in PMS BOOK ARE C100, M82,Y0, K2

which shows different above?

  • Firts of all, there're several Pantone color palettes. For example, Pantone + (Pantone Plus) series are different than previous palettes, and Pantone + v.2 are also different than Pantone + on some values. 

    But, more important than this, the values for convert to CMYK changes accordig the color profile you're using. In the same way that you have 2 different books according the paper (for coated an uncoated paper are different vaues) also the color settings of the program will produce different results. For example, under Tools / options / default color management, you will find an option for spot colors: Lab values (for better view on screen), RGB or CMYK values (for a better convert). But also, if you change any other values of the color profiles, the convertion could also change. It's not the same to use USWebCoated than Fogra39/Fogra27 or ISOCoated v2

  • Spot color to CMYK  conversions in the books are based on the source (book) to look up tables. In current graphic applications they are based on the spot palette to LAB color space to the application CMYK color profile.