Saving files compatible to older version 2018 to 2017?

I am having so much trouble with Corel2018 with crashes and file save errors, that I am worried about losing access to important work  And as such, I am considering switching back to Corel 2017 before I lose access completely.  I had fewer issues with Corel2017 and fewer complaints.

But obviously, every file I have updated to 2018 has been resaved in 2018 format and will now not open in 2017.

So, can I save (in 2018) my files, to be compatible with an older Corel version like Corel2017?

  • If its an option within the general settings of the program, that would be the simplest way.

    I have just not taken the time (yet) to look through the settings and options.

    Because I save files a lot (during work, constantly opening and closing various files) its tedious to have to change the save setting. Corel gives you a prompt when saving to current version as dictated by the program version you are using, which is a helpful reminder...but you still have to do the manual save (to save to an earlier version).

    Like I said, if C2108 keeps giving me headaches, I will go back to using 2017, which gave me less trouble.  And that means I have to re-save all my files to the older version. Hopefully C2018 will not completely fail, and I will be able to use it for that purpose after I have reinstalled 2017.