Slow to create new file / Crashes when saving

Hi all,

I have been a CorelDraw user for the past 15 years but this is the first time I face a serious issue with the software, so I wonder if anyone in the community may have any suggestion.

The past few days, all of a sudden, I experience the following issues with my software :

  1. a) When I start a new project (click "New") it takes about 30-40 seconds to load this blank A4 page to start a new project
  2. b) When I try to save, save-as, export, Corel Draw freezes and then shuts down, but in some cases the file is saved (not always).

Both issues started simultaneously, without having performed any significant change to my computer, settings etc. What I have already done :

- Uninstalled completely and re-installed the software but the problems persist.
- Contacted CorelDraw support but for the past week, there is no significant support to my issue as the suggestions of a) Deleting Temp files b) Resetting CorelDraw in default settings c) sending them MSINFO32 files d) creating a new Win 10 test user profile. 

Actually, with solution (d), CorelDRAW works fine but I need to access the software from my regular account. Corel support mentioned that there may be a conflict with another program, anti-virus, leftover files, registry entries, or other components and files on the original user account that prevent CorelDRAW work properly.
Is there any way to detect what creates the problem with my Corel? 

Thank you all in advance!