Pattern Tool or Symmetrical macro....


CorelDraw 2018 is my software, and I paid for it. So I use it. I do not afford to upgrade, so that's my version.

I make seamless fabric design among other things.

In the past I used Alex Penkin's Symmetrical macro (version 2)

but now it is 1. outdated 2. virus/malware complains about it.

I absolutely Adore Adobe Illustrator's "Pattern Tool", which is spot on what I want and need.

Are there any solutions for me? Or can I wish for a new/updated macro?

I do not like to manually clone. I do not like to make it the destructive way (with cutting and such). I want to be able to dynamically compose complex patterns. Move here, nudge here, hmm hmm humm, add another object, go back nudge there. Artistic process.

The print type is called "ditsy" but is very carefully placed to look harmonious.

So doing it while seeing the whole thing automatically updated (updated as I move, as I nudge, as I place a new object, etc, all automatic) in tiled mode is a great help.

I am not interested in this:

It is DESTRUCTIVE method and you will not see the final tiled until you have finished "cutting" and then tiling it up.

I am not interested in manually clone object by object.