Unable to put cut line around text outline

Hi i am totally new to coreldraw and have got 2018

i have creted a gaphic with text and i am trying to put cut contours where required.

within the graphic is some text.

taking the text out seperately i have 3 words fill red, with a o.5mm black outline, i want to put a cut contour around this text, when i do so he black ouline is ignored and i just get the red text, if i go to wireview the outline does not show,  i have watched some youtube which suggests i click arrange and then do something but when i click the text the arrange option is not in the menu

the text is curved as it was originally bent round an object path

hope that makes sense any suggestions ?

  • If I understand you correctly, your text has an outline that you would like to create a "cut line" on. Best to start with a contour instead of an outline but it can still be done. Convert the outline to curve (cntrl+shift+q). Now create a boundary around it (Object/shaping/boundary) to get the outer portion. Use the smart fill tool to get your inside character shapes (o, e, q, p etc)