.dxf files will no longer open

Hey all,

So, I've used CorelDraw 2018 for a year without issue. It works for me and it's easy to use. Well, all of a sudden I can't open most of my saved .dxf files. I get an "Unrecoverable Error" and it won't allow me to open my files that I saved. I've contacted support and they said that the 2018 version is too old to open newer .dxf files. I didn't have this issue a week ago and now all of a sudden I'm not able to open my own files. They pretty much told me that I'm SOL and to buy the newest version. What's the point of spending $500 for this to possibly happen again? I own this version so I should be able to use it to its fullest capability. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks.