What happened to content in Corel Connect?

I have been using CorelDraw 2108, and have paid for the yearly subscription that allows me to update if I want, or to continue using the product as I wish.

The product was sold with access to Corel Connect, and its library of things, I guess replacing the old CDs and font disks that they used to supply.

Until recently, I was able to connect, but now, whether I am using the docker or the stand alone app, I get "This online content provider is currently unavailable." 

I have things in my tray, but those are now inaccessible as well. 

Is this yet another bait and switch from Corel? I have restarted it resetting with F8, and I think I am signed in, though there's a dearth of menu help available in Connect.

Did they just kill it without mentioning it, or did I miss some kind of announcement.

Thanks for any help,

Pix Smith