Was there a recent update? I have many problems now

The other day an event happened, and suddenly various things changed in CorelDraw and PhotoPaint while I was using both programs.
I don't know if this is the result of some sort of Corel update or just a Corel glitch.
Like those ever happen? lol

I managed to turn back a couple of the changes, but some I can't figure out.
I've done a full "repair" from the DVD, but that hasn't fixed things.

And I am also now experiencing a lot of bugs and errors.
Suite18 was functioning fairly well up to this...but now, too many bugs.

I'm quite willing to reinstall completely, but if its an update thing, then the problems will return.

okay, focus....heres three things I can't fix....

Pen options in PhotoPaint.
I swear I have never seen these pen options before (see photo).
These tools were never there!
I first noticed when I used the Clone Tool brush...which I use a lot in photo editing.
The clone tool changed...instead of a circular area matching the brush type, it became a pen point on the screen.
I managed to change that back, but thats when i noticed all these new icons.

Clone brush has changed, the way it works has also changed...something is different.
I wondered if it had switched to tablet mode? these icons have to do with pen pressure dont they?.
(I'm working on a PC with mouse)
I went into options and switched back and forth between the different options in workspace, but that didnt change it.

Workspace settings.
I assume the program was always on "default" workspace (I had never changed it).
And when I looked to see if the program had switched to "touch"(tablet), it was on default.
But things have changed, like when I use a brush tool...my cursor is now a Pencil, no matter what brush or nib I choose.
When using the clone tool it used to be outline shapes that matched the brush choice.

*The selection are cursor matched the apply area cursor too! 

So, I switched workspace to "X6 Inspired"...that fixed the pencil cursor when using brushes
and fixed the clone tool cursor...but who knows what else i have changed?
I'm not using X6, and don't want it X6 inspired.

I think I want to go back to "default", but...

Brush and Clone tool brush...now gives a weird paint filling .
This one is very annoying.
Whatever brush type I choose, the effect for painting is like you see in the photo attached.
Hold the brush and drag across the image, it creates this random colour switch effect.

Nib or brush choice doesnt make a difference.

If you click individual brush circles, each one shifts and changes colour.
And there is a distinct pixelation to the colour area, like back in 8bit days.

What is causing this?