PDF save takes forever...even regular file save takes longer

I have noticed file saving time is taking longer and longer, but saving to a PDF file (which I do a lot!) is taking forever now!

A file that used to take about 6-10 seconds to save as a PDF, now takes between 60 and 120 seconds (1-2 minutes!)

The file is good, the save is good, its just been getting longer and longer to finish the save.

I recently repaired...and then reinstalled Corel...which didn't change things.
Today I removed and reinstalled Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 (which is what I use for PDFs) and that didn't fix things.
(Acrobat integrates itself, I guess, into Corel...after being installed, you "save to PDF" from within Corel as you work.)

I'm still using Windows 7, which I have been using with this version of Corel for the last 3-4 years.  This version of Corel is slow all over the place and dodesn't work nearly as well as 2017 Suite did, but I can't really go back now...so I need to make this work. Waiting upwards of 2 minutes to save a file is unacceptable.

Any ideas?

  • Let me clarify, I have only ever used "Publish as PDF" when creating my PDFs
    and thats what I was referring to when I said "save as pdf"

    I did a test: using one of my Corel files (a Letter page Booklet) that contains 11 pages...
    elements include: text and curve converted text, bitmap elements, vector art gradient fills and raster fills...
    the final coreldraw file saves in at 28.mb...

    when saved, it varies, usually depending on how I deal with the cover page:
    sometimes most of the cover page artwork is converted to a bitmap image with a few text elements over top.
    I distribute these Booklets to the public as PDFs only.
    I've been creating these files for two decades now and still follow the same methods.
    A file like this usually stored (as PDF) in the range of 7mb to 12mb.
    If its in the higher range (eg more than 12mb), I optimize to bring it down further.

    Using the test file, I save a cdr copy of the file to my desktop...so as not to mess up the original.
    This is where it starts to go weird...at about 10 seconds a corel temp file appears on the desktop.
    Then at about 20 a second temp file appears (slightly different file name).
    At around 30 seconds the cdr file appears.
    (Unless i refresh the screen, the two temp files are still visible)

    From that file I tried creating a PDF. Using these various save options:
    1. I "save as" and choose PDF...it takes somewhere around 60 seconds (Not sure what the PDF settings are)

    2. next, I choose to "publish as pdf" from the menu options...takes roughly 90 seconds to create an 8.36mb pdf. (This is the one that has my PDF settings in place)

    3. next, I choose "print"...use the printer interface and "print to Adobe PDF"...I gave up counting at 4 minutes and cancelled the print.


    as far as I know, Corel Suite 2018 is fully updated on its own. When I manually check for updates, it says "no updates available at this time". This is the only version of Corel I have installed.

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