toolbox won't stay with workspace

This is really dumb, but if I resize a workspace the toolbox doesn't move (or resize) with the change.

I have the toolbox oriented vertically on the left side of the workspace  The toolbox stays on the spot it occupied before the resizing on the PC desktop.

I don't thing it didn't always to this and I've run out of ideas as to how to fix it.. I've tried "lock toolbars" but has no affect on my problem.

Any suggestions?

  • Do you have to toolbox "docked" at the left side of the workspace? Or is is "floating", but just positioned near the left side of the workspace?

    With the toolbars unlocked, you can try dragging the toolbox around. When you drag it near to a location where it could be docked, you should get some visual feedback as a gray rectangle showing you where it will be docked if you release the mouse button there.

  • Thanks

    That did it!  I must have come close to getting right many times myself over the last month or so, but never quite.

    Thanks again.