Because of bugs in 2019, I will wait before upgrading or purchasing a new version

I've been with Corel since 2.5, when it came on floppy discs. Paid $300 for my first copy, back in 1991.

I have skipped versions before. I am running X5 currently, and see no reason to upgrade. To the best of my knowledge, X6 was fairly stable (I bought it for someone else), then with 2017, the program became increasingly erratic. I was about to buy the 2019 upgrade, but encountered reports detailing an inability to export to EPS. I cannot believe such an essential function of the program does not work.

I will continue using X5.

I will purchase a new version when some of these technical issues are ironed out. I value stability over features, and no new features are worth the price of admission when something as basic as exporting isn't working.

I will not buy new versions in the hope that existing bugs are addressed. Eventually, I will choose other software, instead.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

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