Font list extremely slow compared to older versions

Has anyone else noticed the font list operated significantly slower in 2019 verses older versions? I am in X6 and can maneuver through my fonts exponentially faster than I can in this newer version of 2019. Same fonts, same machine. Consequently, I can work faster in X6 than I can in 2019...?

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  • Thing is, the processors get faster... so you'd think the software would function much faster too, not the other way around?

    That depends in part on whether one is trying to "do more" now than in the past. There are a number of places in CorelDRAW where changes are applied "live". In some situations, that's exactly what I want. In other situations - where every update is "expensive" - I would prefer to be able to turn the knobs, click the checkboxes, etc., and THEN tell CorelDRAW to apply them.

    I would prefer to have more options for live / not live updating, but that's me...

    But then again, if you're sharing fonts on a network, you're limited by that.  Personally, I keep fonts on each of the workstations.

    For fonts, perhaps Corel should include some tools for benchmarking performance - something that could help the user become aware that their current font situation is one that is likely to cause them misery, and could point them in the right direction for getting better results.