Printing to a postscript file and no file name ??

Printing to a postcript file from the print dialogue box, and when the "save as" box comes up, there is no file name in the file name line. What!?!?

I must have my postscript files match precisely my file name. How could this feature be gone?? I have to manually name my print file? That's like exporting a jpg but having to name your jpg each time...


  • I've seen that, too, and I agree that it's a huge annoyance. Of course, Corel should fix that.

    I have a VBA macro that can copy the document title to the Windows Clipboard. You're welcome to try it if you wish.

    It would still cost you a button click or keystroke to run the macro, then another to paste the copied text into the field of the print dialog.

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