Why can't I move or copy a table without the text going crazy?

I have been running into an issue lately where the contents of tables is going nuts on me if I try to move, or even copy and paste the table.  I just want to move it over a little, and the text gets all huge and disfigured.  THIS:          turns into THIS:   .

And undo won't fix it.  The text cannot be fixed.  Text was entered as a straight table, so I don't get it.  

What's happening?

P.S.  Not new to CorelDraw, been using it since 1989 Ver, 2 

Sad that I can't figure this out by myself.  

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  • Would it be possible to post a sample file containing the affected table? I have tried to recreate the issue, but have not been able to.

    You mentioned later in this forum thread that resetting to factory defaults resolve it for a period of time, but then it returns. Are there particular actions that you can think of that take place between that time? Customization, changing default styles/properties, or perhaps document properties? Any information would be helpful to try to trace the source of your issue.

    Thank you, Sharon