How to change the color of a vector pattern

I wanted to know is there a way to change the color of a vector pattern in CorelDRAW . Any suggestions pls.

  • Two things to know:

    • You can create your own vector pattern fills in CorelDRAW.
    • The .fill file for a vector pattern fill is a .ZIP archive. With a .ZIP archive utility (I use 7-Zip), you can explore the .fill file and extract the tile.cmx file that is in there (look in folders and subfolders; I think it is in \content\data).

    After extracting the .cmx file, you can open it in CorelDRAW.

    So, if you like an existing vector pattern fill, but you wish to modify it, you can:

    1. Extract the .cmx file from the .fill file.
    2. Open it in CorelDRAW.
    3. Edit the content.
    4. Create a new vector pattern fill.