Joining Lines

I have CorelDraw 2019 and I have a Vertical Line and under it I have a Horizontal Line.

I have then both Lined up to the Right.

Now what I did do in CorelDraw 11 is I would use the Pick Tool and Select the Vertical Line and then the Horizontal Line.

Then I would Click the Combine Menu Option then use the Shape Tool to Drag the Vertical Lines Node down to the Horizontal Lines Node.

And as soon as the Nodes came ontop of one another they would Join and Stick to gather.

But when I do this in CorelDraw 2019 my Nodes just Pass one another and do not Join and Stick to gather.

Can anybody help me?

  • try select botth lines and then go to Windows - Dockers - Join Curves

  • Not sure, maybe they did merge automatically in Draw 11, but in that case it was changed a long time ago.
    Nodes still get joined automatically but only if you move one single node.

    So in this case, unless you want to do what Mek suggested (which is an excellent idea by the way), after you have moved the vertical line's nodes, select only one of the overlapping nodes, drag it aside and then back on top of the other.
    You can do this last operation in one step (no need to drag and drop and then drag again), and the nodes will automatically be joined.

    Of course this is much easier to perform if "Snap to Objects" is active.