Just downloaded the trial Mac version of Corel Draw....Does the Mac version have all of the tools of the PC program?

The first function that I looked for was the customization tools and I don’t see them. Any help would be most appreciated.

  • Almost everything that you know from CorelDRAW Graphics Suite for Windows is available in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite for Mac. A few exceptions include VBA / VSTA (as mentioned already, we added Javascript that works on both the Windows and the Mac products), as well as some specific import/export filters (the very old ones that are almost never used, remember PhotoCD). 

    Because this is a brand new product built from the ground up to be Mac native and to follow the Apple design guidelines, there will be other differences with the Windows product such as some shortcut keys, the fact that you cannot undock the inspector or custom workspaces. You will also benefit from OS integration such as Dark Mode or best-of-class TouchBar support.


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