CorelDraw 2019 Mac Performance

I purchased CorelDraw 2019 for Mac yesterday.  I've been using CD in Parallels for a few years in our Screen Printing business and have been in love with the software.  I'm using the Mac version today and it seems quite sluggish compared to 2018 running in Parallels on my Mac.  Is anyone else having this issue?  Also I can't use my Logitech mouse to zoom in and out of designs with the scroll wheel.  Other mice work just fine but it looks like Logitech Options is causing an issue with CorelDraw for Mac.

  • I've been holding out, in hopes that Corel comes to their senses and allows for some sort of crossgrade. I refuse to pay full price again just to move C.Draw back to the Mac.

    I've been told there are no 'upgrade pricing or crossgrades' from support, have you found otherwise, or did you simply pay full price (sounds like you're like me and running it in a VM).

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