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So disappointed in this first release... I've been using CorelDraw since version 3, and currently using the latest version in Parallels on my Mac.  Was excited to tryout the new native version, but I am sure many of you have found similar issues to me.

- No ability to "zoom in/out" using the Scroll Wheel on a mouse.  Despite the Menu/Settings config, I can't ever zoom in or out, unless using the keyboard. (I've heard this is a Logitech Options related issue, but can't confirm)

- No ability to show "scroll bars" at the side of a workspace.  Why force us to use the pan tool? I like being able to click-and-drag on a scroll bar to move a large workspace around

- Right-clicking on a Color in the palette does not set Outline Color... now there is two steps to select Outline.  Why make it more difficult to use??

- Several "buttons" at the top of the Workspace (View grid/rulers/margins) are actually 'blank' unless selected. How are you supposed to know what the button is for?

- In the attempt to "Mac UI" the interface, we lost the topmost row of configurable buttons... so there is no quick-click to copy/paste/print/open anymore. Now you must use upper screen menu.  Why can't I have my customizable buttons back?

- Default selections aren't 'sticky' i.e. I like rulers to be shown all the time... yet every time I open it, they disappear. 

- Shortcut keys that used to Align items (T/E/B... top middle bottom etc), now jump to Tool types in the menu. So instead of a keyboard shortcut for align-Top being "T" that now opens a Text Tool.... and I have to click-away to the top menu to align.  Crazy.

- Its SLOW.  I find it amazing that on the same Mac the Native version is slower than my version running on Windows 7/Parallels!  

I've got so many more... anyone else struggling with making this version work with any efficiency at all?


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