Mac shortcuts in future updates?

I just recently got my first Mac after using a Windows pc for the last 25 years. I've been an avid Coreldraw user on my pc for years both for personal and professional work. I downloaded and installed a demo of Coreldraw on the Mac and it is SOOOOO different but the main thing that I use all the time that I'm not sure I can live without is simple keyboard shortcuts for such things as alignment. (a simple selection of everything on screen and a press of E and C to center items).

Is this something that will possibly be added to future updates? If not, I think I'll have to stick to using boot camp to have windows on my iMac JUST for Coreldraw. 
(I also find it odd that for years a simple right click to "Import" an image into the document has now been rebranded with "Place"? Why?)

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  • I agree, frustrated here too. Simple shortcuts that streamline productivity in Corel are removed: eg:

    - Edit Bitmap (opens in Corel Photo Paint)
    - Alignment by key shortcuts
    - Displaying permanent screen icons for selected color fills/outlines
    - Right click outline colors
    - Quick font search by letter typed

    Be great if these could be addressed, otherwise might as well use AI or go to PC Corel version.

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