Installed Corel Draw 2019 on Mac - Cannot place image cannot save files cannot open CDR files? - Disk not accessible message

Works fine on windows but on my Mac no Joy , can't place anything can't save anything can't open older work from windows.

Comes up with 'Disk cannot be accessed' error message ?.

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  • I'm afraid that made no difference to the problem, I cleared font cache out again and restarted and that worked temporarily but about 30mins into the job and it again refuses to place images, this is really disappointing, I'm afraid at this rate I'll be abandoning Corel Draw Mac  and resort to using in on my 'Windoze' machine, plus at least on the PC version you get the Suite for a few bucks more, but seriously Corel you had one job to do! If this was supposed to be your answer to the progress of Affinity Designer and a worthy alternative to Illustrator, I'm afraid think again!

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