Migrating from 2017-Win to 2019-Mac -- is 2019 fully baked?

I have been using CorelDraw for three decades.  I am not an art guy, so I do mostly simple line & text art.

Over the last few years, I have been operating CorelDraw 2017-Win in a Windows emulation (Parallels) on my Apple Quad Core, so I was very happy to see Corel introduce an Apple version, which I recently downloaded as a trial.

The strange thing is that 2017-Win was much more responsive on the exact same computer than is the 2019-Mac, which is choking the CPU (97% to 100%).  Think about this: 2017-Win inside of Windows which is inside a PC emulator runs faster than the 2019-Mac.  Is it just my computer or is this a known issue?

Also, there appears to be a few small gremlins in Corel 2019-Mac.   

I'm a big fan of CorelDraw and I want the Mac version to be solid & robust.  I'm not sure if I should switch from the 2017-Win version yet though.  Hopefully Corel is committed to perfecting their product for the Apple OS.