Macro for Cut Studio not available

We use CorelDraw exclusively for Screen Printing and Vinyl Cutting. In previous version of CD, we were able to install a Macro that would output artwork from CD to Roland Cut Studio. When we upgraded to CD 2019, this Macro went away and is not visible in the Macro selection screen. Actually, no macros are. It has been re-installed according to the manufacturer's instructions but does not appear in the list of available Macros to be added to the Toolbar in CD 2019. We desperately need this to work for the operation of the business to continue smoothly. 

  • I don't have an answer myself, but will alert someone who might know. Stay tuned!

  • Hi, I got an answer from an employe at Corel I know personally. And this is his answer as of now: "1) Chec with the author of the macro to see if it even works with 2019. Some are version specific.2) If #1 has been verifed to work with 2019, ensure that the macro is in this folder ( C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019\Draw\GMS ).That should do it.".

    It is well worth to check with the Macro authors. They know if y´they even had the time to write for 2019. Considering 2019 version was just released in 12 march. Thats  days ago :-) . Those macro authors who succed with coming out with Macros for a new version that fast, like on day one, are those who Beta test CorelDRAW. I do beta test, but I dont write macros.

  • What directory was the macro installed in? Perhaps, you may need to manually move it to another location to make the macro visible in DRAW.

    The one directory for VBA macros, that will be seen, in DRAW 2019, is in the AppData section. Specifically, (you can enter this in a Windows Explorer address bar:

        %appdata%\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019\Draw\GMS

    The '%appdata% part gets translated, by Windows, to C:\Users\<Your User Login>\AppData\Roaming\. 

    Any way, look for the presence of the macro at this location. If you do not find it here, then it is probably under:

        C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite2019\Draw\GMS

    directory and should be moved the the AppData directory structure.

    AW RATS! Stefan beat me to the answer. Anyway, you now know where the macro should reside, and this will help find where it may have been installed if not in the AppData area.

  • When we upgraded to CD 2019, this Macro went away and is not visible in the Macro selection screen. Actually, no macros are.

    The first, most basic check is to see if VBA support is installed for CD 2019.

    This blog post - #1: Getting started with using VBA macros (What do you do with a .GMS file?) - shows a screenshot from CD 2018; 2019 will look similar, but the docker is called "Scripts" instead of Macro Manager.

    Do you see "Visual Basic for Applications" shown in the Scripts docker?

    That blog post also discusses the two different "GMS folders" that Stefan and Hugh describe.

  • I'm a long time CorelDraw user, screen printer and and have used that plugin in previous versions of CD for both the Roland GX-24 and now the GS-24.  When I've upgraded  CorelDraw in the past, there were a few times I'd have to wait for Roland to catch up to things by developing and releasing a new updated version of the plugin.  I  tried to call their support with no luck so I submitted an email support request asking about an updated plugin for CD 2019.  Hopefully they will reply with some sort of ETA.  If so I will try to pass it along here.

    The 3 compatibility things I always have to work on after upgrading Coreldraw is this Roland plugin, AccuRip for outputting Screen Printing film, and a macro from GDG Macros called 'GDG ColorClick Extreme' (I use this macro in CorelDraw EVERY DAY and it's really handy when doing artwork comps with different color variations for clients).