When Printing to file, file name does not appear

Was fixed in Corel Draw 2018, now it's broken again.

Print to file

  • Has corel made any strides toward fixing this? I am having same issue. This is no different than if you were to export a jpg from a file, and have to manually type in the file name, obviously very unnecessary... I noticed the same thing in 2018, one reason I did not update to that version. I am still in X6 and still have yet to find a version worth updating too. X6 still works flawlessly for me... I like everything about 2019 so far except for this issue. I export probably "10 print files a day"...? My co-worker probably exports 30 print files a day, so typing all those file names is "not" an option, since the file names "must" match up with order numbers and names in our system. BTW, the above workaround/update does not work (all caps). I ran a test, still blank file name...

  • I have tried "every" single release of coreldraw since X6. I have gone the full trial period making sure to design at least 50 jobs or so in the process to give each versions it's fair trial. I even bought x7 but found so many serious errors later on that I missed Corel even admitted to not being able to fix them in a timely manor and literally refunded me my money and let me keep the software (which I obviously didn't use after that). Tried X8, tried 2018, tried 2019. I am actually willing to finally upgrade to 19 since it seems like the only release that is mostly put together pretty well since x6, if they can fix this one issue (which is HUGE). No way I'm upgrading until this is fixed. Once again still just rocking X6. What I'm telling you Corel, is I will buy 2019, and you can finally make money off of me after all these years, if you will just fix this issue. 

  • I found exporting in Corel always a bit a source of an error. In Corel 2017 I started to write me some scripts handling the export. I have all the settings I need in a small dialog. Naming and folder location is automated. If you have to export .jpg all the time I can only recommend that you do something similar. Also did me some export routine to export in different sizes in one go (ideal for logos).

    I also did the same for pdf export (see below). The dialog also warns me in red if I choose uncommon settings. This helps a lot if you need to prepare some export for the print shop under time pressure. I only can recommend using the VBA feature as a time safer in Corel.