Unable to edit text - deselects immediately.

Hi there. Both HQ's (1400KM apart) are experiencing this issues since upgrading to CorelDraw 2019. Whether we try to edit artistic or paragraph text, as soon as you doubleclick to edit text it de-selects and remove focus (selects the bounding box for the text). I'm also unable to create new artistic text, and as soon as I try to create paragraph text tho original problem persists. 

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  • I had this exact same problem. It seems to be to do with customised workspaces. We imported our 2018 workspace and toolbars and got this happening every time. When i reset the workspace, the problem stopped.

    I manually started setting up my custom toolbars and it seemed to still be working. By the time i added all my buttons (about 30 in total), the problem had started again. I then reset and started making my toolbar again, checking for the issue after every 2 or 3 buttons. I also reduced the number of buttons on there. Eventually I got a usable toolbar.

    Having said that, I found the rest of 2019 so buggy and unstable that I've uninstalled now and reverted back to 2018. We'll wait for the first patch before we risk updating everyone here.

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