Unable to edit text - deselects immediately.

Hi there. Both HQ's (1400KM apart) are experiencing this issues since upgrading to CorelDraw 2019. Whether we try to edit artistic or paragraph text, as soon as you doubleclick to edit text it de-selects and remove focus (selects the bounding box for the text). I'm also unable to create new artistic text, and as soon as I try to create paragraph text tho original problem persists. 

  • UPDATE: I have narrowed down the problem to a custom command/toolbar.

    Even when I reset my workspace to default and create the toolbar from scratch the problem reoccurs! Thus the problem is not the workspace, it's the custom toolbar/command bar, even when it's a new one created in CorleDraw2019 from scratch. Disable the custom toolbar in the imported workspace and the problem goes away.

    I'm yet to narrow down whether it's a specific icon/command causing the issue as deadlines abound on this side and I don't have time to add them one by one and test.

    Below is the custom toolbar though (menu text enabled so we can see if there are similarities).

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